Program Description

Agathon UAF’s 30 Hr Master of Arts in Applied Faith Degree (30 Hr MA) fosters professional faith-based competency in Transformative Learning and Leadership theory and practice for application to enrich diverse community and organizational contexts.


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Program Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop Learners’ professional competency and skills in transformative learning theory and leadership practice in applied faith contexts.
  2. To develop Learners competency in research and methods in transformative learning theory and leadership for applied faith contexts.
  3. To further develop Learners’ Biblical worldview and perspective on transformative learning and leadership in applied faith contexts.
  4. To prepare Learners for advanced level coursework.

Degree Planner and Course List

Interdisciplinary Theory and Research Core – (9 Hours)

PHIL5101 Worldview and Bases of Critical Thinking

EDUC5501 Research Methods

LANG5101 Languages for Interdisciplinary Research and Learning

Transformative Learning Core – (9 Hours)

INTR5101 Learning Theory

PHIL5303 Ancient Pedagogical Literature

PHIL5501 Systems of Thought 

Transformative Leadership Core – (9 Hours)

EDUC5103 Leadership Communications

EDUC5303 Instruction and Curriculum Design

EDUC5703 Intro to Organizational Leadership

Capstone/Thesis – (3 Hours)

EDUC6101 Capstone/Thesis