Why Agathon UAF?

 The name “Agathon” is from the Greek New Testament word for good, and appears in passages like 1 Thessalonians 5:15, which emphasizes the importance of seeking “that which is good for one another and for all.” Agathon University of Applied Faith is so named to demonstrate our commitment to the Biblical worldview and its outworking in doing good for the benefit and service of others.

The Mission and Purpose of Agathon UAF

The mission of Agathon UAF is to excel as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary religious college rooted in and committed to the Biblical worldview, providing innovative and specialized education for character development, intellectual proficiency, and practical aptitude.

Agathon UAF Organizational Information

Agathon University of Applied Faith is a private religious college based in Florida, and is comprised of a diverse network of educators, spanning the globe.

International in scope, Agathon UAF delivers online religious (faith-based) instruction in innovative and specialized faith-based competencies, and undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in religious education and faith-based leadership, utilizing emerging pedagogical formats to serve Learners around the world.

Agathon UAF Authorization and Accreditation

Agathon University of Applied Faith is in the process of registering as a religious college in Florida. Agathon UAF is not currently enrolling or recruiting Learners until the registration process is complete.

Agathon UAF recognizes the value of accreditation for fulfilling its mission and serving Learners, and so Agathon UAF plans to seek accreditation. Agathon UAF currently has not yet made application to begin the accreditation process. Agathon UAF is currently not accredited, and credits earned at Agathon UAF might not transfer to accredited schools.

Agathon UAF Values

Agathon UAF values one-on-one mentoring, individualized and competency based learning, and innovation and collaboration, to maximize the growth and transformation of each individual Learner.

Agathon UAF’s dedicated Professors and Mentors promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application of Biblical worldview concepts to life-long success through transformative teaching, service, mentoring, creative partnerships, scholarship, and research.

Agathon UAF’s online programs are designed to be affordable, accessible, and achievable catalysts for learning and growth. They are intentionally designed to aid in the stewardship of Learners’ personal journeys and the journeys of those who Agathon UAF Alumni will serve along the way.

The Five Agathon UAF Institutional Learning Outcomes

Agathon UAF Learning Outcome #1 – Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Research

Learners will demonstrate ability to think critically from a Biblical worldview platform, solve problems, and conduct interdisciplinary research at a level appropriate to their program, and in a way that is gracious and beneficial to those operating within other worldviews.

Agathon UAF Learning Outcome #2  – Personal Growth

Learners will understand how learning is related to personal growth, and will be challenged to grow in their thinking, communication, conduct, and engagement with others.

Agathon UAF Learning Outcome #3  – Skills Development

Learners will advance in skills related to transformative learning and leadership, demonstrating a level of competency appropriate to their program.

Agathon UAF Learning Outcome #4 – Social Responsibility

Learners will appreciate the diversity in and value of others as designed by our Creator, and will grow in willingness and capability to serve others.

Agathon UAF Learning Outcome #5 – Worldview Applications

Learners will become capable at thinking from a Biblical worldview perspective and will understand the relationship of description and prescription, so that they can ground their actions in sound principles.